Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Parking Permit Demo (2)

I let you here #3 and #4 videos of the Parking Permit Demo with Oracle BPM/SOA suite.

- pp-03_Drilling_down_n_Identifying_Services_Candidates__Part2
  • Identifying the Electoral Register Verification Service & Residence Verification Service by dragging & dropping two service activities in the parallel gateway. Naming the service activities

- pp-04_Defining_Schema_Type_n_Element_for_Resident

  • Creating the parking_permit.xsd schema with target namespace http://ex.datys.cu/ParkingPermit/types
  • Defining XSD complexType & element for Resident



Monday, December 19, 2011

The Parking Permit Demo. A top-down approach with Oracle BPM-SOA Suite

I'd like to start a new series of posts dealing with BPM/SOA on Oracle Tech. I named it "The Parking Permit Demo. A top-down approach with Oracle BPM-SOA Suite", as the suggests it's a demonstrative use case extracted from Oracle Unified Method.
The whole purposed is prove (once again) how effective is to engage a top-down approach on the BPM - SOA synergy.

Various advantages are highlighted on the full trip of screencasts:  
  • use of standards
  • re-usability
  • the avoid unnecessary transformations
  • interoperability
  • test-driven-no-blocking design
  • flexibility of environments for different scenarios
  • smart label generation
  • process-driven, schema-centric & composite-supported 

The content is divided in various seasons according to specific areas or improvements of the solution. Each season contains a full-trip of webpisodies/screencasts with a short duration plus the resulting sources and other resources.

Here I let you the overall script.

Now I'd introduce the Season 1 “History of a Parking Lot. From the big-TOP to the black-DOWN.

I left you a couple of episodes here:

  • Creating an initial BPM/SOA application called TheParkingApplication with a
package's prefix cu.datys.examples and a project named ParkingPermitProject
  • Creating a Manual BPM Process named ParkingPermitProcess with a service
namespace http://ex.datys.cu/ParkingPermitProcess
  • Naming the user role Resident and the interactive activity Apply for Parking


  • Dragging  & dropping a Parallel Gateway to the BPM Process to call multiple verifications services simultaneously
  • Identifying the Vehicle Ownership Verification Service by dragging & dropping a service activity in the parallel gateway. Naming the service activity Verify Vehicle Ownership